This is what I feel now…

27 Apr

Quest for Righteousness -This is what I am experiencing now. But as many people do, I sometimes loose and stumble, I guess its because I am only human living in an imperfected world. I am not perfect and nobody is! Everytime I loose heart and won’t feel God’s presence, I always listen to the song “Heart of Worhip.” This song inspires me a lot especially when I am down and struggling. And then realized that what matters is the pureness of your heart when you worship God. It wouldn’t matter if you sing or dance.. What matters most the what’s inside!

My situation right now is not easy, I even couldn’t imagine how far have I gone. Behind this strong personality that is seen by many is a man that’s been damaged and destroyed by the things that is going around. How ironic, isn’t it? But strong enough to fight the fear, guilt, worries and loneliness.

My wife and daughter are the most important people in my life right now. Especially my wife who has been there to me through ups and downs of life. Including God, they’re the one who gives me strength and hope that everythings gonna be fine and that I will be able to surpass all these.

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Posted by on April 27, 2009 in Songs


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