God Carried Me Through!

07 Apr


Life is full of ups and downs! Sometimes you stay up too long and down so long, and vice versa! This is the real essence of our lives… We often hear an old cliche- Life is like a wheel, sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down!- this allows us to hold on, waiting for the wheel to turn.

I have been mesmerized by everything that had gone through with my life and everything that happened. The vast changes that even I can’t fathom. I could not imagine experiencing lifes’ twists and turns, encompassing trials, (ir)resistable temptations, some challenges and even personal struggles.

As what I always say, Nobody’s perfect.. Only God is perfect!… I have committed a great sin, which I would say, had turn my life to its full-blown twist, I almost turn my back on everything and everyone. It feels like I almost lost everything, more importantly my reputation, which I’ve been very careful of doing things that would destroy my reputation. But I failed to do it! I have sinned against man and most especially God. I’ve struggled a lot due to my wrong doings and inequities. And I know for a fact that only I can be blamed on everything that happened. This had brought too much pain in me. But Praise the Lord, He carried me through and never let go of me! Amen…

Before I used to think that when I’d be a born again and change my religion, I’ll be able to escape in all those burdens! But the truth of the matter is, those are part of our lives, its part of us, being humans. In fact, when I became a Christian, I have experienced everything. But what I like most is the happiness that I feel everytime I feel God’s presence in my life. He’s there in every single moment. When I’m lonely and upset He’s there to comfort me, when I’m in pain He’s there to bring light, when I’m in burden He’s there to carry me through, and when I am happy He’s there to rejoice with me! Hallelujah…

Now, I wouldn’t think of how heavy the burdens are, of how painful my experiences are and of how excruciating my struggles are. How ironic, isn’t it?- But that’s the truth! If you will just surrender everything to God and consider Him as your personal Lord and Saviour. He”ll make you a better person and will shape your life for His glory and for His own purpose.

God is always there, dont ignore Him. He loves us more than anything He created. Amen!

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