To My Beautiful Daughter – SAM

30 Mar


Love this song so much!… I’d like to dedicate this song to my beautiful daughter, Stephanie Alexis Manogura… Someday, Daddy will sing this for you!… Me and your Mom will always be here for you… Love you Baby SAM… 

When I look into those bright eyes
So young and always so ready to run
Then I see a change when fun subsides
And new colors start to arise
There’s a hidden picture
That wasn’t seen outside

When you run don’t tire
Keep on reaching higher
Even when the pain and trouble bring you down sometimes
I will see you through
I’m forever right here with you
Even when you feel you don’t need me around

I will be friend forever
I will be your one big brother
Even when I see you fall
I will be your father

When I hear you call

Don’t cry
This is not the end nor goodbye
But begin to know I’m with you ’til the end
And when you pray
I will hear every word you say
Answer with all my promises made
For like you, someone who’s been specially made

Your friend, your brother
When I hear you call
Lift you when you fall
When I hear you call

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Posted by on March 30, 2009 in Verses


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